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Welcome to the Official Website of the campaign to
Re-Elect Debbie Conway

Taxes, financing and military discharges—I know just how strongly such life-altering issues can affect your life and your future. That is why, as your Clark County Recorder, I have spent several years ensuring that your documents for these and other life-changing activities are properly recorded, protected and well preserved with the best of customer service. I feel honored that during my time in office, our team has made improvements that has won numerous awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo); the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks (NACRC); and the Nevada Taxpayers Association (NTA) as well as other awards.

Why I Care
I have lived, worked and served the community in Clark County for over 30 years and I want what every Southern Nevadan wants, needs and deserves from our Recorder’s Office: clear communication of filing requirements, prompt and excellent customer service, accuracy, protection of records and easy retrieval of your important legal documents when you need them.

Regarding Our Future
I encourage you to read this website and become familiar with the important goals I have established to continue improving the quality of your personal and professional experience with the Recorder’s Office. These goals include enhancing our customer-friendly processes, procedures and cutting-edge technology while maintaining a team of dedicated employees ready to serve you with excellence.

You Make the Difference
Please accept my sincere thanks to all who have participated in my election and success as Recorder to date. I realize no one person alone is capable of achieving more than 200 major accomplishments over the years. For that reason, I welcome and would greatly appreciate your assistance to achieve even greater strides for the County Recorder’s Office.

Here’s how you can help:
  1. Volunteer time on the campaign committee to Retain Debbie Conway for County Recorder.
  2. Make a financial campaign contribution.
  3. Vote 'Debbie Conway' for Clark County Recorder in the November election.
Your vote in November will help me continue to make groundbreaking advancements for the benefit of every Southern Nevadan who is required to file documents regarding important life changes. Together, we can continue to make ours the Model Recorder's Office.

At your service,
Debbie Conway
Clark County Recorder (Incumbent)

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